AntiGravity*Vitamin infused* Face Masks
AntiGravity Vitamin infused Face Maks

Our body starts aging in you twenties and never stops. Our AntiGravity mask helps to curb the visible signs of aging as your face shape changes.  As we age our faces become square shaped.  When used as directed this AntiGravity maks helps combat the signs of aging.

*Non-woven breathable fabric...Soothing and cool to the touch
*Infused with Hyaluronic acid, collagen, seaweed extract, aloe vera, vitamin E and hydrogel

*Apply after cleansing and toner
*Do not apply to damaged skin
*Stop use if allergic reaction and wash area with clear cool water
*Keep out of reach of children
*May be re-usable
*Start by wearing 10-15 a day then increase.  For best results sleep with your mask.
  • Item #: AntiG55
  • Manufacturer: Esther Nicholls

AntiGravity*Vitamin infused* Face Masks

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