AntiWrinkle Between Brow & Forehead

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Forehead & between brow Antiwrinkle Pad

When used as directed:

*Smoothens lines and wrinkles

*Prevents new lines and wrinkles from forming

Designed to smoothen and prevent wrinkles

*Made of medical-grade silicone material
*Place the silicone pad on target area an hour a day or overnight.
*Helps to fade and repair wrinkles, improves skin elasticity with regular use.
*Reusable, using mild soap to wash the pad and air dry in a clean location after each use.
*Compact and lightweight, convenient for carry anywhere.
*A great tool for prevent facial wrinkles, anti-aging.

How to use:
1. Thoroughly clean area, keep it dry and free of moisturizers, sunscreen, etc. (Sweating may interfere with the adhesion process)
2. Place the pad on the area for at least one hour a day or overnight.
3. Remove the silicone pad slowly in an upward motion. Use mild soap (free of moisturizers, emollients or oils) to wash the pad.
4. Air dry it in a clean location, do not use any kind of towel to wipe it.
5. After drying, place the silicone pad back on the plastic sheet to protect its medical grade adhesive.

Note: Do not use it on irritated, cut, scratched or burned skin.

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AntiWrinkle Between Brow & Forehead

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