HandCrafted AntiWrinkle System A

AntiWrinkle System A*Under Eyes & Multipurpose...Laugh lines etc

*See results by 3rd use!

The aging process starts in our twenties and never stops.  This process progressively decreases the production of Hyaluronic acid and collagen production in our bodies. These decreases are a couple of the factors that cause wrinkles. 

Our AntiWrinkle system when used as directed does three things:

1. Retrains the area to act younger  

2. Replenishes what you lose as you age

3. Prevents wrinkles from forming and product from evaporating

4. Rejuvenates AntiWrinkle serum with AntiAging rose quartz

The combination of retraining and replenishing of area along with consistency of use diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles. For best resluts use daily!

System Includes

*One pair of handcrafted  multiple use hypoallergenic pads, that fits like a second skin.

Pads last 5+ months when properly cared for.

*One 3ml vial of customized AntiWrinkle serum with EGF

*32 piece wrinkle smoothing pads. (complimentary) Great for sleeping!

What does EGF do for my skin? “Epidermal Growth Factor” Promotes the formation of    collagen and elastin in aging skin.  The aging process decreases the production of growth factors.   EGF improves skin tone and texture which reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

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HandCrafted AntiWrinkle System A

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